Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to: Tumblr

Continuing on the topic that I talked about last week, Tumblr is a somewhat small community in comparison to Facebook. Tumblr is a site where you can choose to be a follower or a person who wants to be followed, kind of like Youtube. To narrow my description of Tumblr, will discuss the terms on how people can follow you.


- In a way, Tumblr can be used to expand your well being. Show off your work to people who may not live near you or are interested in your work. It’s kind of like an expansion of a museum or radio.

- Another way to be well known on Tumblr is to have blogs that will make people want to reblog your post. That way people will know who posted it in the first place and may want to follow you. In a way this is like an extension for media, how one famous song can interest a person to buying an album.


- Aside of having many people following you on Tumblr, there will be those that will talk smack about you. They wouldn’t even have to follow you just to say bad things about you. They can make posts about you on Tumblr and it could be spread all over Tumblr itself.

- Another thing to Tumblr is that it can take up a lot of your personal time. When you think you spent about 5 minutes on Tumblr looking at posts from people you follow, you will see that you spent about an hour just by scrolling and laughing at things you see one Tumblr.


- Since Tumblr is a blogging site, sites like or is the kind of like the father of Tumblr. Instead of getting information on separate site, Tumblr enhances the form of gathering information.

- Meeting new people is another way people can Tumblr. Since people follow others because of interests, it is just like meeting people at a record store or at the arcade.


- In a way, Tumblr replaces diaries or logs. Tumblr can be used to write up someone’s daily life or their feelings. With addition to writing up one’s feeling, it can be shared with followers and get support or share stories with the followers.

- Music is another way Tumblr replaces Youtube, radio, or Music channels. For people who want to get known faster than Youtube, Tumblr is the perfect way to do that since there are many people who listen to music and need a better way to find that music.

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