Tuesday, April 5, 2011

image culture of girl gamers

Over the break, I thought over and over on what image I should cover for this essay. I wanted to stick to a topic or rather an image that I would not lose interest in. if I were to stick to this topic, it would be too broad to cover and ideas would be everywhere. I want to stick to the genre of gaming, so to narrow my down my topic even more I’ve decided to cover my image essay on girl gamers. This topic would be interesting to cover since not a lot of guys give credit to girl that are gamers or better yet competitive girl gamers.

It’s a topic that isn’t really popular but people do know that girl gamers exist. Society has a fixed idea that girls don’t play games at all and only stick with girlish hobbies like shopping, fashion, make-up, etc. What people don’t know is that not all girls are alike, in fact certain girls can surprise you when they beat you in a fighting game and then you find yourself crying in the corner in a fetal position. I, myself, have seen some girl gamers on television or over the internet and it still surprises me that the type of girl who seem girly actually play games as a hobby.

When guys see girls in general, they still have that idea that girls can’t really do what guys can. The girl gamers I’ve seen have appeared on television and a few on Youtube. I really think I can do an essay on girl gamers because it’s something that people really judge solely on the sex of the human. Guys can really give girls a hard time and it’s a rare occasion to see a girl gamer or gamers appear in competitive gaming to just casual gaming online. I also believe that there are some images of girl gamers online and would have some reputation in the gaming community. I could do a coverage on games itself or the covers they are enclosed in but anyone can talk about that any time. When will anybody ever cover a topic such as girl gamers? I really feel like it’s something that needs to have a little mentioning in society.

I know there is a group of competitive girl gamers that play a game called “Counter-Stike” and the team was actually featured in MTV’s show “True Life”. Society has a disbelief of girl gamers since there hasn’t been a girl gamer declared as a champion in competitions or a very well known girl gamer for that matter. I want to let the reader know that girls can play video games and that they can be as good as any guy gamer out there. Let the reader know that in the world of gaming, girls aren’t these fine beings that dress in skirts or wake fancy make-up to get guys, no they are there to own other gamers and make them cry. Girl gamers want to show what they have to compete with the big boys.

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